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Chapter 3 Boss

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Chapter 3 of Real World Haskell ends with an epic boss. Exercise question 12 states:

Using the code from the preceding three exercises, implement Graham’s scan algorithm for the convex hull of a set of 2D points. You can find good description of what a convex hull is, and how the Graham scan algorithm should work, on Wikipedia.

Yea I just said WTF out loud too.

Starting the Journey

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One of the greatest things that have come out of learning and working everyday in a Java like language that not just supports lambdas but makes them a way of life, is that before you know it you are getting really curious about this functional programming thing. At first my curiosity lead me to Scala, and why not, it’s been totally hyped, compiles to JVM bytecode, and has some awesome things going on. But, boy was I unprepared for all the concepts that Scala required me to understand just to read it’s standard libraries. I gave Scala the old college try but didn’t come away with much other than this burning question of “What the f* are Monads?”, and I decided I needed to learn functional concepts in a more clean room environment rather than one that merges them with the OO world.